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Sunday, November 28, 2010

my first piece of organ music

when i was in eighth grade, my mom and dad made me take organ lessons.  bah.  i hated them.  i liked my teacher - he was related to people at my church - but i couldn't wrap my head around not only playing with 2 hands but also both feet.

the first piece of music i learned to play on the organ was "let all mortal flesh keep silent".  it was a very minor sounding piece, a bit depressing for me, who at the time reveled in the likes of george michael and poison.

the keyboard was the easy part.  it was trying to teach my feet to play along as well.  i just couldn't get it.

we are singing this hymn for an anthem the first sunday in advent.  i always thought this was a lenten hymn, and it's actually listed in the communion hymn section in the green book.  mom said the lyrics lend itself to advent, which was why she picked it for us to sing.

i haven't played the organ in over 20 years.  i bet i still suck at it.

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