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Saturday, November 27, 2010


i check the stats on who's reading this blog on a daily basis.  i think the majority of my viewers are friends and family.

*waves hello*

i know i get guests from other blog links, and to those viewers, welcome to my humble abode.

*flashes peace sign*

most of my readers are american or canadian, with a few international visitors on occasion.

*greets you with a coke, a hershey bar and a smile*

then there are the head scratcher links, like the ones from a home mortgage website and a russian home interior site.

*blank stare, crickets*

i check my stats daily becos i'm well aware the spambots troll my humble blog.  i've also heard of other bloggers having their content copied and reposted on other websites and blogs.  one blogger even had to file a complaint with her blog host becos her content was not only stolen and reposted, but the thief even refused to remove the content from their website at the blogger's request!

today when i was checking my stats, i found one traffic source was linked to a german website, with a question about using one of my photos (one of the boy) as wall paper for their site.  while other posts said that my picture could not be reposted without my permission, the original poster was still trying to find ways to gank the photo!

now, this little exchange confounded me as the original post was from 2007, and the picture in question is barely a month old.  i'm not sure how my picture got linked to my site, but the idea of someone taking my child's photo and using it for a wallpaper chills me.

i try to keep my blog and photos a safe public domain.  i'm a bit naive in thinking that no one in their right mind would want any of my pictures or content (trust me, my thoughts are quite worthless somedays!)   i know i risk my children's safety by showing their faces occasionally.  i do try to post pictures where their faces are somewhat concealed.

i guess what i'm trying to say is:

welcome to my blog.  please don't gank any of my pictures or my content.  it is copyrighted by me.  just try to swipe my content, and i'll sic blogger all over your ass.  

that is all.

for all my visitors, welcome!  and enjoy my little corner of the world!

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