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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

got the yarn, need a pattern

i wrote that i gifted my kick ass red mitties to the boy's teacher, and i dug out the new yarn that i wanted to make my mitties with!  to wit:

this is queensland collection leche, in luscious red and mint.  yarn is so soft and luxurious, but winding it on the ball winder was a bit of a pickle.  i have 218 yards of both colors.  i was thinking the red was a brighter - guess i was thinking of the ella rae lace merino that i got the same day as the leche.

this yarn would be perfect for mittens.  my question is, what pattern?

digging through the ravelry patterns, i found this plait cable mittens pattern, which would be really cute and a lovely reminder of the cabled mitten i found not long ago, the one i think my nana made for me.  i'm not a cable person, but this pattern would help me stretch a bit.

then i found this cute owl pattern.  i am fancying owls at the moment, and i do have an owl hat pattern to make for the kiddos, these mittens would be so adorable!

then there's the ever popular fiddlehead mittens, but that's in a class all by itself.  not quite right for the yarn, but dang, i love these mittens.

and i love eskimimi's flutter butterfly mittens.  so beautiful.

i look at the yarn, and i toy with knitting plain red mittens, then plain green mittens.  but i look at the yarns together, and toy with finding a pattern that i can use both colors together.  the combination is spicy, to  me, and i just want to call whatever i knit with them "chili lime".  nutters, right?

i have a while to make a decision.  i have some holiday knitting i should finish.  but boy, that yarn does call out to me, begging to be knit with.

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