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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

happy christmas to us, 18 days early

hubby and i got our christmas present early.  introducing, the kitchen island!

living in an old house, we have a pretty small kitchen with virtually no counter space or storage (well, i suppose we could have more if i didn't have so much crap in or on spaces!)  we had a small kitchen table that many moons ago we used to eat at, the 2, then 3 of us.  when we had the kiddos, we knew mealtimes at that table were over.  there just wasn't enough room, and we started eating at the dining room table.

the kitchen table, in the meantime, became a clutter catcher.  my purse and diaper bag sit in one chair, the other is usually empty unless there is a coat on it.  we had a lazy susan that held napkins, butter, s&p, vinegar cruet, pencil cup, a votive holder containing bits of this and that, and all kinds of things.  i usually had a pile of papers, mostly coupons, recipes, magazine articles, the boy's art work, and whatever other crap that was hanging out on the table.  recent acquisition was a small loaf tin, which i wanted to recycle or reuse, which wound up holding sunscreen sticks, post it pads, paint and whatever small odd crap i wanted to corral.  there was barely enough space on the table top for cooking or baking.  i know a lot of my anxiety came from that damn table.  i honestly believe there is truth to feng shui, becos between the kitchen and dining room tables (which had clutter catchers of its own), i felt like i was going insane.

hubby, who enjoys perusing home improvement catalogs and websites, found this beauty at, of all places, the sam's club website.  lowes also sold the butcher block cabinet, but it was actually cheaper to order it through sam's club and have it delivered.  our plan was to order the cabinet, then use whatever money we got for christmas to defray the cost.  hubby and i thought that instead of getting more books and dvds, the cabinet would be more useful.

the cabinet arrived yesterday, amongst the snow and cold, and hubby spent all evening putting it together.  the wood is not cheap and flimsy;  this will be a sturdy piece of kitchen furniture.  i am grateful for the extra cupboard space we'll gain, becos with 3 kids, we have more food than we ever needed space for.

hubby was so proud of his handiwork, and we are so happy with the new cupboard that we are considering buying the matching microwave cabinet to replace the cupboard we have for that.

this cupboard was produced in america, with american woods.  it makes the cost a bit expensive, but honestly, the unit is so sturdy and the company is relatively local (if you call the catskills local) and "green" too.  i love that aspect - supporting a wholly american company.

the cabinet makes the kitchen look loads bigger.  the captain chairs are gone, but i put the boy's red stool at the end, in case someone does want to eat at the table.

all i need are some shelf papers, and then i'll start rearranging the cupboards.  i'm thinking the cereals, soups, and condiments will go in there.  and i can finally thin out the utensil drawer!  there are a lot of things in there that i don't use anymore.

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