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Sunday, December 26, 2010

a mcknitster xmas

it's boxing day in the mcknitster household, and i'm spending it on laundry duty with herr washie, cleaning batches of sheets, towels and soiled jammies and undies.  father christmas left us not only with an abundance of gifts, but also a stomach bug that gave petunia the runs (on xmas morning), freddie with projectile vomiting and some diarrhea (on xmas night) and constipation/runny skids (for the boy, all week).

we had a nice christmas, a pretty energetic christmas, as you can imagine with twins and a big kid.  by christmas night i was desperately seeking a decompression chamber, becos i was feeling overstimulated to the point of having a panic attack.  i'm still not accustomed to having three noisy kids and as expected, the holidays were pretty exciting to them.

we spent christmas eve with my folks and grandmother, where we had a simple "hor de oerve type of  supper with little sandwiches and chips and cheese and cookies.  we opened presents - the boy got his legos, the kiddos got duplos and weebles (that stay at mom and dad's).  petunia got this:

the funny thing was that freddie, who got a truck, wanted the pram, and petunia wanted the truck:

guess we don't have to worry about toy boundaries with the kids.  petunia's happy to play with cars as much as freddie likes to play with her pocketbook.

we went to christmas eve service at my church.  the kids were pretty fussy through it.  i think freddie would have fallen asleep, but he wouldn't give in.  petunia actually wasn't too bad.  the service was pretty warm and went long.  i think when you have fussy little ones, a service seems to last twice as long.  i joked to hubby that maybe next year dad can hold the service at either 3 or 4 in the afternoon instead of 7 in the evening, when it's the kids' bedtime.

after getting the kids to bed, hubby and i exchanged our presents and drank christmas wine (grinch grog).  i gave hubby dvds of quantum leap seasons 1 & 2, sherlock holmes, the hangover and enter the haggis.  hubby also got new thin jammies, haggis t-shirts, a sweater and magnetic putty.  hubby gave me dvds (roseanne seasons 3&4, metropolis, and private school),  books, and a necklace i'd hinted for (silver and pearl "peas in a pod":

the next morning the boy came down at 8 and wanted to open presents.  he got more lego, books (he was so excited to get "chapter books"), mario shirts and pastels and markers.

after we cleaned up his wrappings, we brought the kiddos down, but not without a surprise - petunia had an exploded diaper, which made a huge mess in her crib and made the room stink like a barn.  merry christmas to us!

the kiddos didn't quite understand their presents and unwrapping them.  they had more fun playing with the shredded paper (as expected).

petunia got a doll (a redhead named petunia!), a toy remote control (so she can leave ours alone) and books.

freddie got a toy telephone, books, and a vintage f-p milk truck.

for their joint present they got a vintage f-p toy record player.  hubby had one when he was little.

after a lunch of crock pot meatballs and gravy and dutch noodles and green bean casserole, we decompressed for the afternoon until we went up to hubby's folks for supper and presents.  after a supper of hot sausages and peppers and onions and mac and cheese, with relish tray and home made dip, we opened presents.  hubby and i got money for our kitchen island and gift cards to our favorite stores.  the kids got legos and books.  i think everyone liked the kids' calendar.  i thought it was pretty kick ass myself.

we left the boy there while we ran the kiddos home and washed them.  hubby brought the boy home, only to find that freddie had puked all over this crib.  nice way to bookend the day.

it was a very good christmas for us.

lest we not forget why we are celebrating:

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