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Sunday, December 26, 2010

diva was a good girl

i guess i was a good girl this year.  or perhaps santa had pity for me.

now i have a big frying pan.  it's hard to cook for five in an 8" pan.

my kettle lost it's whistle, and i mentioned to mom that i wished i had a new tea kettle.

i discovered the gurgling fish pot earlier this year.  i thought it would look cute on my end table, as i drink a lot of water.  and yes, it really does gurgle!

surprise from mom!  she got this at country cupboard.  that's what i love about my mom.  she didn't even know i wanted a beaded bracelet.  she picked birthstone beads for my kids, a rose for SAI, an owl becos i like them, a yin yang, a cross (strange bedfellows are those two last beads), a flower bead for my "daisy" and "mom".  gorgeous.

the irony was that i had hinted to hubby about a troll bead bracelet.  he saw commercials on tv for pandora beads and was going to design a bracelet except he couldn't get an initial bead for petunia, so didn't buy the bracelet.  the funny thing was when i opened it up i caught hubby's look - he looked grim - and i was afraid he'd gotten me one too.  i called him on it late christmas eve - he said that he was disappointed becos he wanted the same reaction from me when he'd give me one someday!  poor boy.

the bracelet's a bit tight.  i have to exchange it for a chain a size bigger.

books from hubby and my ILs.

knitting books from hubby and my ILs.

when i read through sock yarn one skein wonders, i practically peed my pants.  these books gave me so much inspiration, i wanted to cast on about a dozen projects!  all in due time...

no more unwinding hanks on the back of a chair or my knees - i got a swift!

which was put to prompt use for winding this:

malabrigo in ravelry red

tosh fingerling in cedar

tosh fingering in clematis

tosh vintage in fjord (which looks identical to "cedar")

not quite a surprise but hubby took my hint well

signature DPNs!

just in time for PSOTMC 2011!

i also got enough money that, when combined with hubby's holiday cash, we can buy the microwave stand for the kitchen and replace our old cabinet.

i am extremely grateful for all we received this year.  we really have been blessed.  i've been blessed - with loving parents, in laws and especially my husband.

each christmas, it seems, just gets better and better every year.

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