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Sunday, December 26, 2010

mummy's shrug

completed just in time!

i really like how much length i added to the 1X1 ribbing - mom's got a longer torso than me so i knew she'd need the extra length.  i wish my shrug was longer - i liked how this one covered my bum.

the yarn could be desired.  that's what i get for knitting with crap yarn.

i think mom liked it.  she wasn't sure how to put it on - she was expecting it to be like a sweater or bolero.  i gave her one of my shawl pins so she could pin it shut.

dad got his scarf, albeit still on the needles, about a foot long.  i'll crank on it over the next few weeks.

gram liked her socks.  she thought they'd be nice and warm.

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