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Saturday, December 4, 2010

oh, fudge! the boy's day at the BTE

on the heels of the boy's HP day, we had a day at the theatre.  today we took the boy to see a christmas story at the BTE.

hubby and i saw this show several years ago and loved it.  the bloomsburg theatre ensemble is a world class theater troupe and we are fortunate to live close by to the see this show.

we had lunch at red robin, and stopped at ollies to get the boy a book case for his bedroom.  we were still very early for the show, so we walked around bloomsburg and visited some shops.  we got some books at SalVal, hubby got wine at shade mountain winery, and the boy got a magic treehouse book at a book store.  i got some turkish taffy at the candy barrel.  by this time it was time to go to the show, so we dropped off our purchases in the car and walked to the theatre.  we waited to be seated and did bathroom breaks before the show.

the show was as i remembered.  several children were in the cast, and the adult actors were very entertaining.  the show pretty much follows the movie and naturally we laughed.  the boy seemed engrossed in the show and enjoyed it.  while there were some double entendre comments that we adults got, the show is very much family oriented.

at intermission, i got the boy and i each candy bars, and a bottle of water for him.  it felt good to stretch our legs, but the show really was a fast moving show - no slow spots.  this year's production was excellent.

the bloomsburg theatre ensemble showcases many wonderful shows, both well known productions in addition to plays penned by the actors themselves.  the cast works hard in many different capacities, from acting in a show to directing the next.  in a world where the arts are slowly being removed from schools and culture itself, it's good to know that a quality theatre troupe still exists, especially in our rural area.  

we enjoy our "boy days" where one of the grandparents watch the kiddos, so we can spend some time with the boy.  it's really important to give him his time, as much as it's important to do things as a family. i think the boy appreciates it too.

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  1. I think it's great that you do this! I haven't been to BTE in years (sad). Wishing I could go! If you like musical theatre, there is a dinner theatre that we sometimes visit that does some children's theatre too. They even have a Q&A time at the end of the show where the kids in the audience can ask questions....


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