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Friday, December 3, 2010

socks: where are they now?

my bag post a few days back reminded me that i have a pile of socks sitting upstairs in my sock basket.  i seem to wear the same ones over and over (my monkeys, my jaywalkers) but haven't touched my older socks.  i dug them out, brought them downstairs (becos everyone keeps their socks downstairs, right?) and decided to do a "where are they now?" expose of what happens to socks when they are ignored.

this is my second pair of socks i ever knit (the first being a pair knit with horrid lion brand magic stripe sock yarn, which currently reside with my poor grandmother).  i cannot recall what the yarn was but i believe it was this in larkspur.  as you can tell, this pair was once well loved to the point of being felted.

i knit this pair nearly 4 springs ago with tofutsies yarn by SWTC.  i thought i was so hot knitting socks made of soy wool and chitin (that comes from crab and shrimp shells!)  this yarn was incredibly splitty and horrible to work with.  i think the pattern is wavy rib socks.   nice pattern, pretty easy to remember tho.

as if i didn't enjoy the agony that was tofutsies, i knitted another pair with the stupid yarn.  guess i decided to not torture myself as long as these are probably the smallest pair of socks i ever made myself.  i can't remember where the pattern came from and if memory serves me, it was the first time i did a short row heel.  i also remember knitting these socks at my 15 year high school class reunion.  i didn't need to give my classmates any more fuel that i was a crazy lady, but there i was sitting and knitting, while everyone else got sloshed in their own little cliques.  ah, good memories.

these were my first pair of toe up magic loop socks, and they have the distinction of being the first pair of socks i posted in my projects section in ravelry.  i wore them quite a bit and were the reason why i bought a pair of birkenstocks.  these socks were hella warm, and the color wave was my first step towards my current obsession with rainbow colored yarn.

i finished my december installment of my PSOTMC.  introducing, gothic candy cane:

this is joan's socks, knit with jarbo garn raggi multi, this was christmas yarn i got last year.  i loved the tweedy look of the knit and knew i wanted to knit socks with it.  i didn't realize it was worsted weight yarn and had a pickle of a time finding a sock pattern to accommodate it.  they were insanely quick to knit and i got this pair completed in 2 days (a sock a day.  please don't hate me).  the foot is a wee bit short on me, so i'm gifting these to my grandmother for christmas.  i had to tear out the toe of the first sock becos it was really short, and extended the foot and toe by about 3 rows.  the socks fit snug on me, so hopefully that means they will fit grams perfectly.  this yarn makes a wonderful thick sock.  i'm sure it would be nice for a hiking sock.  i got 2 socks out of one skein of yarn, and i have another skein left, so i'm working on a second pair, and switching it up with making the heels and toes red.

most of my socks are a wool blend but not necessarily superwash, but i still wash my socks in the washer.  i wash them in cold, then hang them on the line.  i think i threw my koigu socks (they were the only socks not photo'd here, i couldn't find them!) in the dryer once by accident but they were nearly felted from wear so it wasn't a big deal (well, except they were a tiny bit smaller).  i love me my socks.


  1. So many socks! I really like the last pair. I'm a big fan of thick socks. I like to wear them around the house in the winter and sometimes I even force my shoes on over them. I'm sure your grandmother will love them.

  2. Great job finishing the Goth socks! They look great!


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