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Monday, December 13, 2010


since receiving treatment for the lingering effects of having H1N1 and asthma, i am feeling way more energetic and healthier.  i almost feel manic.  wrong season for that (that would be spring).

anywho, one of the tasks i tackled with my newfound energy was cleaning up my recipe binder and "mommy notebook".  for the past year (well, two), i stuck recipes, parenting articles and other things interesting that i culled from magazines into binders and folders that languished on one of my kitchen stools.  it was high time i cleaned them out and organized them.

it took me over 2 hours to sort and organize recipes, punch holes in them, then put them in the appropriate section in this recipe binder that hubby's aunt and uncle from canada gave us when we got married.  as you can see, it's about to burst:

i guess my next task is to go through the recipes i don't want or like.  good thing:  i found that pumpkin, bacon and pasta recipe that i love.  and i was right - it was a martha recipe.

then i cleaned out my "mommy's notebook".  not quite as rockin' as the neon trapper keeper i had in 5th grade, but it's a good spot to store notes and articles i want to keep:

no organized mommy worth her salt is without her dymo label maker.  with it, i am MARTHA!  hear me ORGANIZE!

the binder has 3 folders for each of the kids, and i relabeled the tabs so i could get better use out of them. i think i got this binder 3 years ago, and it still had the (unused) church tab in there.

the "household" tab contains articles about cleaning, recycling, and general housekeeping tips.

the "menus" tab is where i corralled the take out menus.

"eating" has articles about feeding babies/toddlers/kids.  some of these articles (such as making homemade baby food) were a bit outdated, now that the kiddos are eating table food.  shame on me for not utilizing that article more.

the "crafts" section has different crafts - both kid and grownup - that i want to hold onto.

the "parenting" tab is obvious - tips on potty training, stubborn strong-willed kids, and articles that make me laugh/cheer me up.

the boy's school folders, where i keep his calendars, handbook, and other important school papers.  i'm not wonder woman, but i do try!

now that i've tidied up these two binders, i feel a lot better.  and now that i'm feeling better, maybe i'll be more apt to keep up with the recipes and articles, instead of letting them accumulate into clutter.

not full of tootsie rolls but...

change we can believe in!

i dumped out a small cup and my change purse and filled this little bank to overflowing!  we also have a penny jar upstairs that is filled to the brim.  my plan is to take it to a coinstar machine and exchange it for bills.  i'm thinking of giving the money to the boy, to buy groceries for the local homeless shelter.  i don't know how much money is there, but hopefully enough to get a few meals' worth of canned goods for a needy family.

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