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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deja knits

i'm knitting another ribbed shrug, this one for my mother for christmas.  i am using lion brand thick and quick which i got on sale at michael's on thanksgiving.  as i'm knitting along, i keep thinking, i've knit with this yarn before...but what?  the yarn is so familiar (albeit not as nice as the baby alpaca i used for my shrug).  i didn't use it for knitting socks for knit your bit (way too thick).  i used a brown t&q for the boy's scooby hat a few years ago.  i couldn't figure it out.

last week when we to christkindl market, mom brought along the cowls i knit for her and dad last year for christmas.  dad's is brown.  mom's is...teal.  like the shrug i am knitting.

for some reason i have a picture of dad's cowl but not mom's.  but you get the idea.

i have to get cranking on the holiday knitting.  mom's shrug is half completed.  dad's antler scarf is about 2 feet long, and i need at least another 2 feet, preferably 3.  gram has her socks, although they are thick ones and i like to give her finer knit socks.  i'm seriously thinking about gifting her my haggis socks, but that means i have to knit the second sock.

ugh.  why do i do this to myself?

on top of everything, petunia has been sick all week.  first diagnosed with a UTI, now it's an ear infection, and she's on antibiotics.  she's still not running on all cylinders but she's getting better.

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