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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

red mitties

a few weeks ago i started another pair of mittens for myself.  i'd been feeling a bit depressed and was on a mitten kick, so i decided to knit me a pair of kick ass red mittens.  how can i feel blue if i'm wearing something red hot?

knit with the same mitten pattern, i used valley yarns williamstown that was left over from knitting my FIL knee warmers several years ago.  a tweedy red, the yarn was so incredibly soft.  i loved knitting these mittens.

the boy, meanwhile, loved to show off the mittens i knit him.  he said that his teacher admired his mittens, and could i knit a pair for her too?

i looked at my half knitted mitten, and knew that it wasn't going to be mine.  so i finished the first one, and cranked out the second mitten in a day.

the boy was so excited about his teacher's mittens, he wanted to wrap and give them to her now.  i told him to wait a few weeks, for their christmas party, to give them to her.

don't cry for my loss of the mittens tho.  i'll make another pair of kick ass red mittens, with even hotter red yarn.  i'll start them after i get some of my holiday knitting under control.

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