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Thursday, December 2, 2010

selling off stash

one thing i love about ravelry is the sell/trade system of the stash.  i catalog my stash and occasionally get offers to buy a skein or two.  sometimes i say no, but i have sold off stash that has lingered too long and i'm at a loss as to what to do with it.  over the past 2 weeks, i've gotten four requests from people offering to buy stash off of me.  guess the race is on to complete holiday knitting.

the first offer was for this forgotten gem.  i think i bought it 2 years ago during my ani fog.  i liked the tweedy look and bought 2 skeins, probably thinking i would make a hat/scarf set with it.  i took my time returning the PM, becos i wasn't sure if i wanted to sell it or not.  i scrutinized it, held it, tried to imagine what i would do with it.  i had no clue, but after some thinking, i decided not to part with it.  part of me feels like i should have sold it, but then a tiny part of me said no, it was part of "ani stash".

the second request came from a lady up river who wanted as many skeins of this that i could part with.  this yarn had been hanging out for years - every time i went to ben franklin, i'd buy a skein or two, thinking i'd use it for holiday knitting.  well, it's been at least three or four years, and i don't think i'll be knitting with it anytime soon.  i had other skeins of holiday cotton, so if i really wanted to make dozens of christmas dishrags, i can use that.  so i sold her two skeins, one nicely wound.  that package mailed out this morning.

the third request came on the heels of the bernat request, someone wanted to buy my queensland leche that i just bought a couple months ago at KDO and am presently imagining the red yarn as a pair of kick ass red mittens (not to be confused with the kick ass red mittens currently OTN, which may be gifted to the boy's teacher).  this one was a no brainer - the yarn barely had time to sit and it was already requested already!  sorry, no sale.

today i got my fourth offer, for this skein of loverly trekkingXXL.  this was a hard one to think about.  this was souvenir stash from rosies yarn cellar from one of our philly trips, and i hated to part with it becos i loved the colors.  i took a deep breath, then emailed the knitter with my no.

i always feel awful when i turn down a request.  i imagine that the person must be desperate if they want the yarn so badly.  i imagine their half completed project, maybe only needing a half skein to complete, and becos i am selfish, the project will sit unfinished.  i always pray that they get what they need.  knitters and crocheters are a kind, generous lot (well, most of us, anyway).  that's why, i try to not turn down a request.  i think of it as a way to rack up a few karma points, becos i imagine my time to offer to buy yarn will come someday, too.

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