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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking backwards

my needles were pretty busy this year!

i made a lot of socks:

100_3606  100_3680  100_3759  100_3924  IMG_0002            100_3652

and preemie caps for the ravelympics:

100_3350  100_3358  100_3338  100_3352

some stuffies:

100_3351  100_3368  100_3457  100_3831

mittens to keep our hands warm:


things to keep us warm:

100_3564  100_3593  100_3595  100_3809  100_3915  IMG_0004        100_3655  

some hats, both funky and functional:

100_3439  100_3664  100_3679  100_3885    

puppets for south american orphans:

100_3896  IMG_0014  IMG_0175

and FOs that defy any classification:

 100_3757    100_3292  

i have knits on my mind for this year.  i am going to continue my PSOTMC this year - 12 pairs of socks in 12 months!  i have a couple pairs of socks with SSS (that's second sock syndrome, not so much that i don't want to knit the second sock, it's finding the time to do it!).  i want to knit some shawls - i don't want that smooshy dream in color to go to waste!  and i have quite a few UFOs that need some attention - some shawls, and the kiddos' blue jeans - gotta finish those!  i also have some baby knits to work on - my cousin is having her first baby early this summer - and now i have a good excuse to use those yarns i got for my own kiddos but just never got to knit with!

thank you for sharing in my knit adventures.  i enjoy sharing my handiwork and pray that they may be inspirational to you. 


  1. Wow! Most impressive! ( I especially like your monkey sock--I've worked on one of my own this year).

  2. Nice looking finished objects! My New Years Resolution is to learn to knit socks.


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