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Sunday, January 2, 2011

new kitchen

our new microwave stand came!  happy new year to us!

we wanted to put the microwave on the top shelf, but it looked really top heavy.  so we put it on the middle  shelf, and i put some of our cooking things on top.

the drawer contains wooden utensils, rubber spatulas, whisks and odds and ends that used to reside in the crocks next to the stove.  i put our most used pots and pans in the bottom cabinet, so they're easily accessible.  they used to be across the kitchen.  crazy, right?

i cleaned out the actual bread drawer (which was full of cookies and snacks that i hoarde stored there) and put golly gee whiz! bread and chips in there!  and i put the snacks here:

that used to be the tupperware drawer.  and the plasticware that lived there now live on the top shelf that used to hold pots and pans.  i feel so much more organized now!

and yes, those are girl scout cookies in that drawer.  at least they're from the past year.  

i feel like i have a million dollar kitchen now.  if only i could replace the floor with new cork flooring, and the ceiling with pressed tin tiles...  maybe that will be next year's christmas present!

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