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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

running on empty

having twins and a big kid, my life is pretty busy.  hubby is wonderful with the kids and helps with the chores.  our parents also watch the kids so we can do a date night, or so i can run errands.

at the end of the day...the week...i am spent.  i started going to bed earlier.  i am eating better by upping my intake of fruits and veggies and eating less junk.  next week i'll start swimming again (i went to get my swim pass today but the office was closed) and i "putter" around for exercise.   but my mind races and some days i feel catatonic.  i feel depleted.

i have a question for moms out there (and especially for moms of multiples)...what do you do to keep your energy up?  or do you collapse in a heap as soon as the last child's head hits the pillow?  i know i'm not alone in feeling tired.  i'm tired of being tired.

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