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Thursday, January 13, 2011

JJ 2.0

the january pair from my PSOTMC is now completed!  meet JJ 2.0:

JJ 2.0


JJ 2.0 stands for January Jaywalker.  knit on size 2.0 DPNs with steam valley fiber farms merino in colorway "rainbow", jaywalker is one of my favorite sock patterns - the pattern is easy to remember and it keeps me interested, hence the sock goes quicker.

i did a lot better with jaywalker this time around than i did with this pair.  i goofed up the first sock at the gusset decreases - i forgot to increase the first and last stitch on needles 2 and 3 and wound up with goofy uneven rows.  jaywalker, indeed!  sock #2 went much smoother.

these are jeans socks.  they also would look nice with a pair of khakis.  i'm wearing a pair of olive yoga pants and the look phenomenal with them as well.

now that january's PSOTMC is completed, i can finish up on ETH.  or work on one of my many WIPs.

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