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Saturday, January 29, 2011

tally ho!

it's time to do the WIPs count.  you can thank the yarn harlot for this most recent case of "finishitupitis".

first there's my FLS:

i am nearly finished with the garter yoke, and i made 3 buttonholes EZ style.  i have another inch or so of garter before i can start the lace portion of the sweater.

then there's what i call "ally's christmas mittens":

knit with alpaca yarn from kraemer yarns (the label says kraemers spun it, but the label was from the farm show 3 years ago), i'm trying to replicate ally mcbeal's white fluffy mittens, and then i'll embroider red and green flowers on the back of them.

i know, i'm sick.  so so mitten sick.

then there's my leftover 2nd socks:

i should finish these socks for the february portion of PSOTMC11, but i really want to knit with this:

this was the yarn i pulled specifically for my february socks.  it is jitterbug by colinette.  i tried to knit a pair of magic loop toe up socks with it years ago, but somehow got a mental block about it.  i so want to use it up, and overcome that damn block.  it wasn't even listed in my yarn stash on ravelry, it was buried so deep.

i have a couple patterns to choose from, for my february socks.  i originally picked the sweetheart socks pattern from simply knitting.  then i found a lace cuff sock from this month's issue of simply knitting (no linky, it's not even on ravelry yet!).  then there's these adorable lovesocks, but i don't have the yarn to do this pattern.  maybe i can do them for february next year?

these are mitten dreams.

this bag o' yarn is full of baby knitting.  there is a sock monkey, a baby hat made with jelli beenz, a zipped up the back hoodie knitted in knit picks swish worsted, and a baby blanket that will use up leftover cotton ease.  the question is, what kind of baby blanket?  i can make a log cabin like the kiddos' blankets, or then i found this adorable swatch block blanket.  i don't think i'll make a poppin blanket.  i think the cotton ease will be easier to care for.

of course my yoga shawl, dad's scarf, and the swirl shawl simmer on the bottom of my basket.  *sigh*.  too many WIPs, not enough time.

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