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Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 left feet - february socks for PSOTMC11

finished my february socks!

note my right sock;  see the heart facing left?

lacy heart

color here is more accurate of how vibrant the red is.

sweetheart socks (rav linky), knit on size 2 DPNs with jitterbug.

the socks are a bit loose but nice and comfy.  the pattern called for 64 stitches, and 60 is my magic fit number.  i suppose i could have sized down needlewise or adapted the pattern for 60 stitches (what's 4 stitches anyway?)

the lace hearts are supposed to face outward, but for some inexplicable reason, my right heart faces left.  i wish i knew how that happened since i followed the pattern to the letter.  oh well.  hence, why i called my socks "my 2 left feet".

this was the yarn that gave me fits a few years ago.  i had such a horrible mental block about it.  i'll admit the last sock was hard to knit on - i just wanted it done! - but i'm happy that i knit on, finished the socks, and now that block seems to be broken (i wish i could say the same about the same block about doing magic loop.  but one thing at a time, right?)

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