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Saturday, February 26, 2011

this week...

...has me feeling a bit like this:

the boy had sinus infection and a bit of pneumonia.  petunia has ear infection and croup (and i suspect a sinus infection too).  freddie, who got sick after the boy and before petunia, seems to be getting sick all over again along with the croupy cough.  the three of them are one big coughing cacophony.  the boy and petunia were on preds, so not only are they sick, but they are amped up too.

hubby is getting over a cold and still has sore throat.

i'm just on the verge of a cold but never tipping over the edge...sore throat, yellow snot, my sinuses fill then dry up like a tide.  on top of that i have killer HS carbuncles under my arms that make any kind of movement excruciating.  my sugars are improving while my HS worsens - figure that one out!

this song always cheers me up - definitely could use it right now as it's been one long hard winter...

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