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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

rawr means "i'll hold your DPNs together" in monster


i saw similar DPN holders in a previous issue of knitty and was dying to make a set of my own.  ***i thought i could make my own DPN holders.

the trick was looking for rubber finger puppets.  i remember the boy getting a couple in a goodie bag but i didn't know where to begin to look for it.  so i looked at michael's, walmart, target and any place that sold goodie bag trinkets with no luck.  i found rubber finger puppets in a party catalog but i had to buy a dozen puppets for $5, and the reviews weren't the greatest.  this past weekend i went to a party store at penn state and found an aisle full of goodie bag stuff.  i found the animal puppets first.  i wasn't too happy with them, but picked two so i could experiment.  i hit pay dirt with the monster puppets, and at 59 cents a piece, a good deal.

i took one of my signature DPNs (you can use something equally as sharp) to poke a hole on each side of the puppet, maybe a half inch/inch from the bottom of the puppet.  i threaded an 8"-ish piece of elastic through the holes.  for the second puppet, i pulled the elastic ends, one at a time, through each hole so that when i tied the ends together, the knot would be hidden inside the puppet.  the elastic length is not exact, becos i had to reknot the ends a couple times until the holders fit over the DPNs snuggly yet had enough give to pull over the needles.  it's trial and error.

i do have several holders but they're either too long for my shorty DPNs or the cups aren't big enough to accommodate the needles, especially when stitches take up room on the needles.  these seem to fit the bill nicely, and add a bit of whimsy to my knitting.






***i am all for supporting crafty people on etsy.  if you are interested in similar (and IMHO way cuter) DPN holders, please visit the crafter's etsy link from knitty.  

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  1. Those are so cute! I'll have to agree with you, I love the monster ones waaaaay more than the animals!


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