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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentine's dinner

i made hubby dinner for valentine's day:

jalfrezi with sauteed sliced pork strips, sweet brown rice and roasted cauliflower.

lucinda scala quinn's caramelized cauliflower.  lucky for me, weggie's had purple and yellow cauliflower on sale this week, but it's equally as outstanding with white cauliflower.  oh my bob, i love this recipe.  i could eat the entire pan of it.  it's like eating smoky candy.  yummers, seriously.

and for dessert, my favorite - gulabjamun.  weggie's also had jars of it in stock, and i scooped up two.  i tried to make these from scratch last year (i found a mix) and they turned out badly.  very badly.

on the other hand, these were yummy.  soooo yummy.

i get gulabjamun at our favorite indian restaurant in bloom.  come to think of it, the jarred stuff tasted like what i get there, except they add cardamom pods to the sugar syrup.  i guess to make it seem homemade.

and hubby got a bonus meal on tuesday - Cincinnati chili!

hubby gets this as a microwave meal at surplus and eats it for a bedtime snack.  i thought he deserved better.  there are so many different recipes for Cincinnati chili, so i tried this one.  it was pretty authentic, except i didn't add beans for the "five way" (hubby and i don't care for beans in our chili) and i didn't have any oyster crackers (i bought some today).

it was really good.  i'll definitely try it again.

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