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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so this is what clown vomit looks like...

remember my ugh from last week.  i'm doing real good here, cos i have yet another ugh...

it's funny how something can look so beautiful in a skein yet be wrong.  oh, so wrong.

i tried so hard to make this yarn work for wurm.  but the colors are...just wrong.  and the mohair.  what the hell was i thinking, getting more mohair?  and the skein felt so soft, this feels so...rough and fuzzy, if that makes sense.

i have no idear what to use this yarn for.  i has nice bright "baby" colors but i'd never make a baby wear something so fuzzy and annoying.  i think it needs a time out until i can figure that out.

oh well.  now i know what clown vomit looks like.

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  1. It looks better to me on the wrong side (many variegateds do). Maybe try using it for some pattern which involves a lot of purling.


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