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Monday, February 14, 2011

an early valentine's dinner

hubby and i went out to penn state for one of his meetings, and we decided to celebrate v-day early by eating out.

one of our favorite restaurants is the deli.  hubby usually goes for the big sloppy reubens and sauted mushrooms.  i love their onion soup.

my mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, french onion soup, and hubby's fried calamari...

my pecan crusted chicken with asparagus and (i think) pureed squash.  the dish was supposed to have creamed spinach and sweet potato.  the soup and salad filled me up so much i brought my meal home with me.  that always happens - my eyes are bigger than my stomach (that and the fact that i didn't know my dish had a side salad).

hubby's reuben...

and the sauteed mushrooms.  these are so yummy.  i tried to reproduce them a few months ago, but i used burgundy wine and supposedly these are made with port.  guess i'll have to add that to my shopping list...

i encountered this bad boy the last time we visited the deli and this time i remembered my camera...

i want one of these hand dryers in my house.  these things rock.  of course, i should get one of their vacuums first (on my long list of gimme's...)  yes, it's the weird things that entertain me.

lovely dinner.  lovely day.

i love my hubby.

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