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Monday, March 14, 2011

40 bags in 40 days - days 1,2,3

day 1 - cleaned out my bookshelves.  these books are destined for my local library:

bags 2 and 3, i did in one evening:

i cleaned out my underpinnings drawers.  i had a ton of vickie secret unders - i haven't had a "body by victoria" since before i pupped the boy.  if it had an underwire or a rib, it got pitched.  if the crotch was bleached (don't ask), it went.  i had a bunch of "crunchy" nylon grannie panties (i wore them when i was pregnant cos they covered my bump) that probably could have walked to the garbage can by themselves.

i also found 2 baggies of lavender, a small hairbrush for petunia to play with, and several bars of soap that long lost their scent.  that left me with near empty drawers full of unders that i actually wear.

i know i'm a bit behind - i'm sick with a cold and sinus infection and sore throat - but it's a start.  

ETA:  i had a **4th** bag of stuff i got rid of.  i cleaned out my hair care basket and beauty shelves and tossed a bunch of shampoos and hair care products i didn't use anymore.  there was shampoo i didn't like becos it made my head itchy - why keep it?  i also tossed pricey "self curling" shampoo and mousse - purchased becos i thought it would make my hair more curly - but all it did was make my hair feel gross. toss, toss toss!  i forgot to take a picture (the bottles were in my garbage can upstairs).  they're at their final resting place now - the curb!

so that makes me only 2 days behind.  ah well...i'll catch up.  there's tons in my house to toss and purge!

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