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Monday, March 14, 2011

mama's got a brand new bag

hubby "surprised" me with a new knitting bag:

it's a tom bihn swift bag.  i cheaped out and suggested the nylon bag instead of the cork or hemp, but i love it just the same.

these bags are quite popular with knitters (duh, it was designed by knitters!) and courtesy of the yarn harlot, i got the wants for one.

i like it.  i like the inside pockets for my gear.  the swift forced me to downsize quite a bit - remember my tool boxes?  it's incredibly how much knitting crap i carry, and i don't even use it.  the stuff i didn't put in my bag, i kept in my liberty bag.


on the other hand, i thought the bag would be bigger.  the description says the bag will hold a sweater project and its yarn - i ask, is the sweater for a child?  there's no way i can fit my ubatuba sweater in there.  i wonder if my FLS will fit in there?

i also wonder - and i should ask this on ravelry i suppose - but can you fit a book in there?  i have my big green folder, and sometimes a book - it doesn't seem to fit.  i guess i need to spend more time getting to know my swift.

my bag came with a small project pouch.  my march sock fits in there perfectly.  knitters often buy extra pouches for their projects.  since i already have a couple pouches at home (homemade sacks) i chose not to get an extra one.  i usually knit one pair of socks at a time (with exception to zzzzooo, who's still hanging out).

a lot of knitters also use this for a travel bag.  i think it'll make a fine one when we go on vacation - i can stuff a few diapers and sippies in there and keep my wallet and phone dry in one of the plastic pockets.

i like my new bag.

hubby was going to get me the blackthorn needles, except they were on backorder.  i think i'll get more usage out of the bag.

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