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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and the pick for march PMSOTMC is...

...claudia hand painted yarn in sport weight, color wave "boot camp".  i bought this yarn at rosie's yarn cellar a few years back.  when i was picking yarns for this year's PSOTMC, i found it buried with yarns from KP.  i thought it was time it saw the light of day.

i was secretly hoping i'd pick a green skein for march (there's another bag containing green yarn as well).  i wanted to knit something green for st. paddy's day.  this one totally fits the bill.  serendipity at it's finest.  :)

a search on ravelry's FOs with this particular yarn came up short on anything i wanted to knit.  several knitters from SISC knitted sunday swing socks and i thought the pattern would work with this yarn.  it has a lace chart, but not too difficult to follow, the pattern is spicy enough to keep me interested but easy enough to be mindless.  

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