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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

too close for knitting

who said knitting was dead in the 80s?  i found proof that it was alive and well on too close for comfort.

i vaguely remember this show from my youth when it ran in the early 80s (sorry, dated myself there.  oh well).  i didn't watch it much as it was a "grown up" show, but now that reruns are on tv, i've been getting a kick out it.

i noticed in some episodes last week that someone in the house knits.  to wit:

someone knits in bed!  check out that knitting basket!  now, i would wager a guess that muriel is probably the knitter, but how come it's on henry's side of the bed?  is henry the knitter??!

muriel's pregnant this season (40 something preggo, a rarity in those days), so maybe she's making baby knits.  red, mint green and (some dark) yarn - not quite baby colors, but who knows - maybe she wanted untraditional baby knits?  this was the 80s, after all.

sara rush wearing a very 80s sweater.  there was actual tiny fringe in with the striping too.  i have no clue if this is hand knit or not, but it's a neat sweater.

muriel wearing an awesome loose knit sweater (looks dropped stitched but it's not).

and for the record, i wish i had this t shirt when i was pregnant:

cute 70s t with holly hobby-esque cartoon reading "all natural ingredients - no artificial sweeteners - no added preservatives."  so relevent, even 30 years later.

added bonus - henry is wearing a "slippery rock state college" sweatshirt - coolness!

it's fun catching knits on tv, especially on shows where you least expect it!

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