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Monday, March 28, 2011

I found the mittens!


a while back i blogged about these the fabu knits  that ally wore on a few episodes of ally mcbeal.  blue christmas and out in the cold reran this week, so i was able to get shots of the white embroidered mittens that intrigued me.

first off, i think the mittens are actually felted.  either that, or they are knitted with a chunky yarn at a tighter gauge.  my bet is that they were knitted with a chunky yarn and then felted.  there appears to be some stitch definition, which makes sense becos it's hard to felt white and cream yarns.

secondly, the mittens aren't embroidered like i first thought.  i think they are crewelwork.

a decent close up of the ally's mittens.  i've never done crewelwork, so i guess i'll have to learn:

another view:

the thumb of ally's mitten.  i totally missed this the first time around! (plus a slice of her garter oatmeal scarf):

mitten thumb

this shows a close up of the cuff.  i think the cuff has one row of red, not a couple rows like i thought.  and i had no idear there was a flower embroidered on it i tried to get a shot of the mitten cuff, and there's red on the edge, either a row of red knitting or else it's whipstitch.  so pretty:

mitten closeup

not a knit, but i liked elaine's furball scarf:

fur scarf

upon seeing my mittens again, i promptly frogged the mitten i started a couple months ago.  the alpaca yarn will be used for something else.  i have tons of cream colored yarn to play around with, or perhaps i'll see if i can find a cream colored wool sweater at goodwill or salval to felt and cut out mittens.  at any rate, it'll give me a good project to experiment with!

the weather is getting warmer.  my mitten mojo is winding down.  until next fall...

as always, my apologizes for such fuzzy pictures.  it's hard to get shots on "live" tv and when i paused scenes, naturally the pause bar was in front of what i wanted to photograph!  also, the show wasn't taped in HD, lending more fuzziness to the picture.  

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  1. I forgot that Jane K. was on Ally McBeal! I think of her exclusively as Jenna from 30 Rock now.


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