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Monday, March 7, 2011

in like a polar bear...

what started out as a rainy sunday quickly turned into a snowy monday.  we got over 11 inches in the span of 6 hours.  

i took this snap around 10pm.

over 6 hours later...

someone's going to have some digging...

some beauty out of the storm.  i love when snow or ice sticks to trees.

nice snow pile in the middle of the street.  our plow drivers are goofs.  i think this storm caught everyone off guard.

since we didn't take the kiddos out in the snow all winter, i thought we should get some snow pictures...

not a fan of the snow...

not a fan either...

this was the first "real" time they were in the snow.  hubby said it was almost too much for them.

of course the boy loved the snow. he wanted to have a snow ball fight.

poor freddie got a handful of snow.  you can imagine what happened when he fell face first into it.

i don't think petunia is going to be a snow bunny...

we got the sled out for them.  freddie seemed to enjoy this.

petunia...not so much.

out in front of the house...

time to go inside!

hopefully as the kiddos get older, they'll enjoy the snow more!  i'm such a mean mommy.

no more snow.  please, have mercy on us!  we already lost our 3/18 snow day.  now we have 2 more snow days to make up (goodbye easter monday and friday in mid-may!)


hopefully the snow disappears as quickly as my dryer melted it!

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