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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lowering standards


i used to be anal retentive about organizing my knitting.  i learned over the winter how my standards have dropped.  and oh, have they ever.  

much of my stash is still mostly organized.  i have my large hamper full of sweater bags of yarn sorted by color.  

a few months ago i tidied up the boxes and bags that contain my sock yarn.  

my picnic bins could be desired, tho.  they seem to be the depository for recent acquisitions, as has the wire bins by my craft desk.  those yarns are actually sorted by event (KDO, xmas, PSOTMC, etc.).  

i used to log my new yarns in my yarn journals (i started my second moleskine 2 years ago).  a few weeks back i spent a half hour taping yarn labels and noting when and where i purchased the yarn.  some of the yarns dated before the kiddos were born (we're talking over 2 years).  i didn't add my usual snip of a sample of yarn, so i pray when i go to use the yarns, i'll know what it is.  i'm also discovering that instead of pasting the label in the book, that i stick the label inside the cake after i wind it.  that's not a bad thing, becos then i know what the yarn is instead of digging through my book.

speaking of which, i rarely wind my yarn into cakes anymore.  never mind that i got a new swift for xmas!  i guess i thought hanks took up less room in the sweater bags than cakes, and more often than not, i'm not using the yarn right away anyway.  so you'll find many of my yarns from KDO and christkindl market still wound in hanks.

i try to keep up with my new yarns and projects on ravelry.  isn't that a great tool for organization?!  but i've gotten behind on that too.  i miss the days when i could photograph my progress on a WIP on a regular basis.  

as usual, being busy with my children is the reason why i haven't been as anal retentive about my stash and WIPs.  but kids grow up, and when that happens, i'll have more time to devote to my stash.


  1. So very cute and organized. I'm loving seeing how others organize. I don't feel so bad about all of my yarn, now. :-)

  2. I feel like I need to try to become more organized after reading everyone's blogs.. I don't even have basic storage lol

  3. I used to be very anal BC (before children) now it's a very different story. I love the idea of a yarn journal.

  4. Your hamper is just like a treasure chest of yarn!

  5. I found it interesting that you used a hamper as one of your storage solutions for yarn :O). I think that's pretty cool. As a fellow mother, I tend to organize my daughters first than myself.


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