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Thursday, March 31, 2011

relishin' the embellishin'


i'm pretty simple when it comes to my knitting.  i prefer the colorway of the yarn or the pattern to speak for the knit.  i occasionally like to add a bit of zip to my knits - it's that little somethin' somethin' that makes a knit super special.

i duplicate stitched this snowflake on the backs of my kick ass red mitties...

and i bought several packs of buttons before settling on these for my pinch hat...nothing but the best for my knits!

i have loads of buttons, just waiting for their day to shine on one of my knits...
cool glass buttons:

i got these buttons becos i was dreaming of baby knits...guess they'll have to be for someone else's baby, becos i mine grew up too quickly...

other than the scarab and the pearl,  these and the above buttons i got at rosie's yarn cellar...

i got these pearls at knitters underground many years ago...still don't know what to do with them...

i got these beads at ellacinders.  i'm going to use them as "buttons" for a pair of french press knitted slippers.

i got these buttons at a little shop in jim thorpe:

and that's not including jars of buttons in my craft room.

it's fun adding an embellishment - it makes an already special knit extra extra special!


  1. what cute buttons! I love the little sausage dog so much.

    The colours of your hat and the matching buttons are great!

  2. I love seeing your embellishments. The duplicate stitch on your mittens is fantastic!

  3. I love the buttons you're saving for the french press slippers. Someone else blogged about those yesterday and I really need to make a pair.

  4. You're gonna love your french press slippers with those buttons!


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