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Friday, April 1, 2011

the day the knitting died


after much consideration, i've decided to quit knitting.

after looking at our finances, and knowing that i am responsible for much of the debt (my rich taste in yarns and needles and the dozens of books that i don't even use) i've decided to liquidate my entire stash, books and needle supply.  

i will try to be fair with my pricing.  i wind my yarn into cakes but will match up labels from my yarn books, so all information is available.  i take good care of my things, and since our home is smoke/pet free, it is clean as well.  my needles are fair game (prefer to sell my signature DPNs and KP harmony interchangeables as whole sets, see me about pricing), as are my gadgets, books and bags (except my swift bag.  i plan to use that for when we travel.  it'll hold lots of diapers and sippy cups.)

i also have a couple of UFOs that i will sell super cheap.  maybe they will give you more inspiration than they did to me, or you can recycle the yarn and use it as you will.  

what doesn't sell, i will donate to my local senior's center.

as for my blog, i probably will quit that as well.  since this was primarily a knitting blog, why bother?

you can view my stash at my rav stash page - if interested, please contact me either through ravelry or by leaving a comment here.  

i love knitting, but i love my family more.  we really need the money.  thanks for following me on my knitting journey.  it's been a blast!

btw...HAPPY FOOL'S DAY!!!!!!!!


  1. Now... how the heck did I just KNOW you were kidding?

    Once you've gone to the knit side, there's no coming back. I know this much is true.

  2. Haha! Can't fool a fellow knitter! ;)

  3. That's a riot! I should tell my husband this, but he'd never be fooled.

  4. OH GOD

    I nearly fainted and was about to gift some yarn your way


  5. LOL! I'm glad you were just kidding.

  6. I was so worried... that was not funny... lol... maybe a little, but you had me seriously concerned there for a minute...

  7. A good April's Fool post! One would have been almost convinced if you hadn't typed the "btw." You could have saved that part for later in the day :O).


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