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Monday, April 25, 2011

hope jesus liked the mario brothers

i think the easter bunny was in cahoots with santa claus this year.  i have no one to blame but myself, but holy cats, did the kids make out like bandits goody wise:


each kid got a book (the little ones got recycled mini books, the boy got magic treehouse), a video (i found the mario brothers movie, a huge coup!, plus shawn the sheep and thomas the tank engine), new penn state t-shirts (matching except for the color of the shirt) and candy.  the boy likes japanese cookies and yan yans, so i got a lot of those.  petunia got a doll, and freddie got some cars.  petunia dumped out everyone else's buckets except her own.  we didn't do an egg hunt.  the boy went to our church one saturday, and the kiddos were basically run over by the other kids during their sunday school egg hunt.

i didn't get any pictures of the kids in their easter finest.  there weren't many easter flowers at church to do this, plus the boy was already in sunday school when we got to church.  this is the closest to an easter picture we got:

yes, that's chicago hope playing in the background.

i made a ham in the crock pot and baked corn saturday, which we reheated for lunch.  i also made baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows.  i also baked my first real double layer cake, albeit with boxed mix and canned frosting.  no pictures, cos i'm lazy like that.

today we ate lunch with my parents and grams at country cupboard.  shame my pants were so snug, and i had to feed the kiddos, becos i could've eaten more baked macaroni and salisbury steak.

tomorrow we go back to our regular routine.  only about 6 more weeks of school to go!

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