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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

palate refresher

i have a ton of WIPs to finish.  so what did i do on maundy thursday?  start another shawl.

a while back a lady at church asked if i was interested in making a shawl for the triennial women's gathering.  this year it's in washington state.  they are gathering prayer shawls which will be given to a synod there to be distributed as needed.  i agreed to make one, becos i love any excuse to show off my knitting.

in the meantime i started clara, i've been slogging away at the baby log cabin, and my PSOTMC is in a bit of a time out. i haven't taken the time to research shawls for my skein of glimpse.  my knitting mojo is still sputtering.  blerg.

so i looked up information on what kind of shawl i need to knit (so i don't have to buy more yarn, i'm still trying to stash bust) and discovered that the deadline for the shawls is june.  double blerg.

i got the idea to knit the stay put shawl from a ravelry friend who is making one for her grandmother.  the  pattern seemed simple and mindless enough that i could throw it in my bag.  i found a lovely skein of mountain colors mountain goat in sapphire trail - mostly muted shades of blue, green and purple with bright spots of orange and red interspersed.

here's hoping for some long road trips.  

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