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Friday, April 22, 2011

i hate deadlines

and i have a very big one looming:

i still have about 10 strips to add to the baby blanket.  and they aren't little strips - they're growing bigger and longer.  which takes a lot more time than one itty bitty strip.

i still have no knitting mojo.  the thought of picking up the blanket makes me physically ill.  there's nothing wrong with the blanket - it's mindless garter stitch, pleasant cotton-ease yarn - but i could just scream when i think about that damn thing.

i noticed one thing about this blanket, as i have with all the mason-dixon knitting i've done - i can't stand it. i love their work, it's gorgeous stuff - but knitting it up, i just can't stand.  i felt the same way about the kiddos' log cabin blankets, the bibs, the dishcloths.  and don't forget, i frogged belinda.  even the damn kippah last year - hated it.  no offense, kay and ann.  i love you lots, love yr blog, but the knits?  just not feeling it.

but don't feel bad.  i'm not feeling it about a lot of my knits.  i haven't touched my april PSOTMC project (i frogged the fingerless mitt i knitted), altho i might use the yarn for the may YOSS project.  i still have sock #2 of my march socks.  and poor clara.  clara sits next to me on the end table, glaring at me.  i can barely hear clara's whispers diva, why have you forsaken me?  i'm made of smooshy in a lovely grapy color - knit me, please!  yep.  no mojo.  please come back knitting mojo - please!

if i'm not knitting, what am i doing?  rereading the alphabet mysteries.  now there's a time suck.  but it's a comforting time suck.

i have until the end of the month to complete.  game on?


  1. I lose my knitting mojo all the time. So no chance you can just leave it at that size and pretend that you meant to make it that big all along?

  2. unfortunately, no...the blanket is supposed to be stroller/carseat sized, roughly 2 feet square. the baby's not due until late may/early june, so i can always give it to her when the baby's born. :)


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