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Thursday, April 21, 2011

a follow up to WHNHH

remember this hat?

i mailed off my hat to mr. marino, and never heard anything back.  no thank you, no notification, nothing.  i heard that his local office wasn't set up yet, and i feared that the package was sitting in this empty office, or at worst, disappeared entirely by someone's five finger discount.

i got this lovely letter in the mail earlier this week:

it's good to know that not only did he receive it, but will pass it on to someone who will need it more than he does.  i think they verbally regurgitated my letter in his letter, but i'm glad that he at least received it.

whether or not our representatives will be civil to each other remains to be seen.  

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  1. The program is a wonderful idea but when it comes to representatives acting like adults who knows what will happen. I hope for the sake of those involved that can make things work.


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