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Saturday, April 2, 2011

a not so funny subject

yesterday i pulled an epic april fool's joke - leading folks to believe that i was selling off all my knitting supplies due to financial difficulty.  while i intended the post to be a joke, there's a possibility that i may well have to liquidate stash.

i'm sure everyone's aware of the financial situation our state (and country) is in.  our state is cutting back severely on funding to education.  my husband works at an intermediate unit, where the budget cuts did have an indirect affect.  as of today, several positions have been cut due to insufficient funds and grants that never materialized.  in addition, there is a new administrator taking office in the future and there's possibility of some reorganization.  hubby's position is not in the line of fire (thankfully), but that's not to say that down the road we face a pay freeze or (bob forbid) his department is eliminated altogether.

i've been a SAHM for over 8 years now.  with the financial world in a bit of a tailspin (IMHO), you can bet i'm thinking about reentering the workforce.  i would need to revamp my resume.  i would need to relearn the application and interview process, becos apparently much has changed in the time since i worked.  i would also have to look into child care options, becos the kiddos are a few years away from going to school.

i joke that i couldn't part with my yarn or supplies.  in reality, i've seriously considered selling off stash.  there's quite a bit i could part with.  i could sell 3/4 of it and still have plenty left to knit with for years.

i would part with my stash, becos i love my family and would do absolutely anything for our survival.  if  i have to sell my mal or tosh to feed my kids or pay the heating bill, i would do it in a heartbeat.

the signatures DPNs, however, i might cry over when they go byes. but i'd let them go.


  1. I think these times are financally scary for a lot of people, certainly for us too. Hopefully it will never come to you needing to sell off any of your stuff.

  2. I hope things get better so you don't have to sell your belongings

  3. I'm sorry to hear this....At one point I was going to de-stash, but the Hubs said to look on it as my retirement fund. I'll have all this yarn waiting for me when I have more time...however I do not have hoping things work out for you..

  4. Hopefully it won't come to selling off anything, and your husband's job will continue on. Yes, these are tough times, but we'll get through them!

  5. I'm also getting ready to sell off some of my nicer stashings... you are not alone. Internet hug!


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