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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TV turnoff week's glaring omission

today is TV turnoff day/family night/no homework night.  our school observes this night as to encourage families to spend the evening together.  this letter was sent home a couple weeks ago:
barth's the queen

notice something missing?

what's missing

they suggest everything under the sun, to do as a family, with one glaring exception:  attending church as a family.

i think this sucks.  wednesdays are church nights for us.  the boy and i have choir practice, and this week we have church as it is holy week, and tonight we will do confession.  i take great offense to the fact that our school district doesn't encourage families to attend church activities on wednesday evenings.  i shouldn't be surprised tho.  for years games, concerts, banquets, and lord knows what else have been scheduled wednesday evenings, crowding out church activities.  this is the reason why my dad has catechism classes sunday evenings (which, unfortunately, are being crowded out by either school or extracurriculars as well).

when i was in school, we NEVER had any school activities after 5pm on a wednesday.  sports practices, play practices, whatever, ended at 5.  that was so we could attend church activities.  my hometown school district still practices this (or at least tries very hard to adhere to it).  our current school district, they scheduled a concert at one of the grade schools, and becos so many children were participating in it the boy's choir practice was bumped to another  day.

it's any wonder why families and especially church is taking a back seat in society.  i can't buy into this sort of scheduling.  wednesday nights are sacred to me, and i try really hard to keep it sacred for my children.  it's an uphill battle, one i am afraid of losing.

i am for turning the tv off.  i'm the first to admit we should do this more often, not just one evening a year.  hubby and i do things with our children and we emphasis family a lot.  i just wish our schools were as supportive of our faith as we are of their activities.

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