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Sunday, May 8, 2011

little house knits - part 2

the other night i caught an airing of the original little house on the prairie pilot movie.  as many times as i've seen LH episodes, i don't remember seeing the pilot (outside of flashbacks shown on the series).  i was delighted to find many knits during this episode.

caroline with a shawl wrapped around her head and neck.  i so wanted to take a picture of her wrapping it around her, this delicate crimson piece, as it fluttered around her, but the pixilation was horrible and my picture looked like she was flinging a blood clot around her.  the shawl is really exquisite.

the girls wearing their hoods and hats (as seen in the subsequent christmas episode that i detailed months ago).

remember laura's crocheted pancake?

i squee'd when i saw this.  CAROLINE SPINS!

i wonder what she was spinning for?  a sweater?  a pair of woolen drawers?  a warmer hat for laura?  so.  bloody.  cool.  name a show today that would show spinning yarn?

i dug through my flickr archive for this little nugget i snapped a few months ago but never posted:

guess with all their wealth, mrs. olsen couldn't afford a good swift and nostepinne.  holding yarn for ball winding would be an AWESOME punishment for nellie's naughty deeds!  this snapshot was not from the pilot movie.  it seems to me it was from an early episode of the series.

i think it's so cool how the people who made this show thought enough to include knitting and spinning as household activities.  mind you, the ladies (and gents!) probably didn't knit for fun like most of us do today, but it really was an important task for creating warm clothing or household goods back then.    caroline probably spun her yarn for wool, but i remember (from the LH books) that almanzo's mother wove her own cloth, so spinning wasn't just for knitting (or fun) either!

as always, please excuse the fuzzy quality of my pics - the price to pay for a show that didn't air in HD.  i enjoy sharing my pics and thoughts about knits on tv - i hope you're enjoying it too!


  1. Oh, wow - I do love that shawl. I wish that there was a pattern of it. It looks fairly simple, too! hmmm...

  2. I bet Charles made that spinning wheel:) I loved that show. I vaguely remember the knits but haven't watched in years.


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