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Saturday, May 7, 2011

fame knits

it's time for another installment of knits of tv!

i discovered old reruns of fame on ovation last week.  i love the old movie and i vaguely remember the tv show. i didn't watched it back then - i was pretty young and at that age i thought it was a "grown up" show (!!!).

a recent christmas episode aired, and it was chock full of funky 80s knits.  to wit:

a pretty pale blue crocheted scarf and spunky brown cabled beret, as worn by mrs. berg.

geek-chic argyle (complete with bow tie!) as modeled by a student with the principal.

nicole (nia peeples) wearing a rad colorful block sweater.  (i had a cardi that was black, white and red.  i wore it for my senior pictures.  it also came in handy for dressy SAI days.)  bonus to the girl wearing her blue v-neck backwards!  i always wanted to wear my v-necks backwards too, but mom wouldn't let me.

leroy johnson (gene anthony ray) wearing a funky sweater with novelty yarns.

christopher (billy hufsey) wearing a masculine royal blue pullover;  danny (carlo imperato) wearing another preppy argyle pullover.

as always, please excuse my "screen shots"!  it's hard to take pictures of a moving picture, plus the show wasn't taped in HD,  so it's really pixilated and cloudy looking.

gotta love 80s knits, and fame was full of them!

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