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Friday, May 6, 2011

may PSOTMC pick

i think it's koigu.  i got this skein at KDO last year.  it was wrapped up like a lollypop.  i loved the avocado, coral, turquoise and brown hues and i snatched it up.  i had to buy a pattern along with it (don't ask why) but i figured i'd make the yarn into a pair of socks.

i showed the yarn to my knitty friend the other night and she too loved the colors - but questioned if there was enough yarn for a pair of socks.  good point.  how about a pair of fingerless mitts, or a small scarf/shawl?

part of me doesn't even want to knit it up.  doesn't that look like a scrumptious piece of sushi?  i.  love.  those.  colors.  


  1. That yarn is gorgeous! I think a pair of fingerless mitts would be perfect. That way you could see the yarn whenever you looked at your hands.

  2. That gives em an awesome idea - what if you took a shadow box, and filled it up with cakes of yarn? It would be such an awesome display - and yarns like this would be perfect!

  3. @ Karen - would you believe I put it back in my stash? Just couldn't knit it up! But if I do I'm thinking fingerless mitts - perfect project so I can admire the colors... :)

    @Alyssa - A shadowbox is a neat idea! I have a lot of stash that I know I won't knit/can't part with. It really would make a pretty display! Thanks for the suggestion! :)


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