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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

personal WIP, part 4

this is just a small thing i observed, but it's a big thing for me...

a few months ago i was formally dx'd with type 2 diabetes.  it's a sucky diagnosis, but i've been working hard to get healthy.

i exercise and started taking yoga again.  the kids and i take walks on nice afternoons.  i test my blood glucose regularly, watch what i eat and take my meds.

the other day i was looking at the log on my blood glucose app and noticed that my numbers dropped considerably over the past few months.  before i was averaging 150;  now my numbers are between 120-130.  it's not the greatest, but it's a big improvement.

hubby noticed that  i don't snore as much.  and i've been sleeping better and not getting the daytime drowsies as often.  i don't think i've lost a lot of weight, but i'm hoping i lost enough to help with the sleep apnea.

this is the biggest improvement (and i'm knocking wood becos i don't want to jinx it) is that my HS has diminished CONSIDERABLY.  my armpits are practically healed, the spots around my waist have shrank, and while i do get a couple "down there", they aren't near the proportion of "fist sized" as they used to be.

now, there's an argument with the HS/diabetes connection.  some people say that the HS irritates the body and increases the sugars.  others say the sugars are what cause the carbuncles.  whatever the case may be, my body doesn't feel like Centralia as much, and that is a VERY GOOD THING.

i have a long ways to go.  my diabetes is slowly getting under control, but i have a lot of work to do to get to the point of reversing it and possibly losing the diagnosis.  but it's a start, and i feel hopeful again.

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