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Monday, May 16, 2011

stitch markers

remember when i made stitch markers last winter and sold them at my LYS?

i finally got a chance to pick up my money.  all told, i earned $100 from sales there and from online.  it's not much, but it's going to the NICU where the kiddos spent the first week of their lives.

a bit of bad news;  i was shorted about $20.  i think they sold my markers at the same price, but my sets had different prices (and they were marked on the cards as well).  i'd like to think that happened, instead of someone helping themselves to the envelope (it was next to the register, in plain sight.  that didn't make me very happy).

the owner asked for more markers if i had them.  um, i think i'm out of the stitch marker business.  for a while, anyway.

i thank everyone who purchased stitch markers from me.  i pray that you get as much enjoyment using them as i had making them!

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