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Saturday, May 21, 2011

the traveling yarn box

i belong to a group on ravelry for moms who had babies the summer of 2009.  they do a lot of swaps, mostly fabric ones (many of the ladies quilt or sew).  earlier this year they had a traveling tea box swap and from the comments i read in the group, it sounded fun and delicious.

one of the members offered to start up swaps for coffee, fiber and yarn.  i don't drink coffee, i can't spin, but the yarn one sounded fun so i signed up.

this week (this month, actually) has been one big blot, and seeing this on my porch on wednesday made my day.

**spoiler alert!**  if you're a lady from the summer mom's group and don't wish to see what was in the box, you might want to scroll ahead!

that box was crammed to the brim with yarny goodness!  there were little hanks of merino and mohair, a ball of crystal palace fixation, a little baggy of fiber for spinning.  there were two nice skeins of greyish mohair.  someone included a half completed lady eleanor scarf.  there was a little notebook and a small box of chocolates.  half of the box was taken up by a huge hank of red/black eyelash yarn.  when i first opened the box, i thought it was a muppet!

out of the whole box of goodies, i picked these:

louet gems fingering weight, a nice washable merino in a pretty shade of blue called neptune.  185 yards should be enough for a small scarf or neckerchief.

brown sheep nature spun sport in enchanted forest.  184 yards, either a scarf or hat for the kids.  i love deep green, and i love brown sheep!

if you take from the box, you're also supposed to put something in it too.  i  added my extra skein of colinette jitterbug in tapis (from february'S PSOTMC) and the slightly used skein of red heart collage in rust that i used for freddie's pumpkin hat.  i put this yarn in a baggie with a copy of the pattern, becos some of the moms are expecting summer/fall babies and i thought they'd like to make a hat too.

i also threw in a couple pairs of stitch markers - one set of tiny glass cubes, the other an abbreviated version of the HAPL healing garden.

a summer mom from texas sent me the box.  yesterday i shipped out to the west coast.  to the next recipients of the traveling yarn box, enjoy!

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