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Sunday, June 26, 2011


we found a confectioner's shop downtown lancaster.  next to yarn and bead shops, i love a good candy shop, the older the better.  this one was a newer one, a tiny little thing, but i found some tasties:

some hammond majeskas, local caramels, some salted caramels for my mom for watching the kids while we were gone, and the foil wrapped packages are handmade chocolate covered pretzels made especially for the shop - they were yummy!

i'm a sucker for rice crispy treats:

look at this!

sadly, it looked better than it tasted.  becos the treat is wrapped with a cardboard label, it tasted a bit cardboardy and stale.  and it was so bloody sweet, i only ate about two bites before wrapping it up.  it'll take a week to finish this bad boy - now that's a first!  i hate to waste it - i don't even want to think how much i paid for it.  i probably could have made a pan of treats for the price i paid.

candy stores are a yay!

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