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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


i took the plunge and CHANGED MY NAME on ravelry.

now i am k1k2 (rav linky).  while i love being a mcknitster, i just don't feel like a diva one anymore.

i've been itching to change my name for a while. i wanted the same name as my blog and when i looked up knitoneknittwo or knit1knit2 they were taken (the irony is that the people who own these names appear to be inactive in ravelry.  such is life).  i have no idear how k1k2 wasn't snatched up.  lucky me that's me now!

my new ravelry moniker is short and sweet and describes my life in knitting terms to boot.

i suppose i should change my ravatar too - i confused a few people i groups - no one knew who i was.  i guess i should have re-introduced myself!

i also tweaked my blog for the summer months.  i made a new header and dropped the heavy dark background.  already i feel lighter.


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