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Thursday, June 9, 2011


doxie (rav linky) #1 is born!  he's for the boy.

knit with kp swish worsted in black and tan, on size 4 needles.  it was a pretty fast knit.  rebecca recommends knitting this boy up with the magic loop technique, which i dreaded a bit considering my weird aversion to it dating back 3 years.  but i took a breath and knitted forth, and knitting ML was just like getting back on a bicycle - a little rusty at first, but then breezing through.

i used buttons found in my new button jar, becos i didn't have any of the safety eyes/nose that rebecca recommends, and i couldn't be bothered to run to michael's to look for some.  i think the brass button eyes and black button nose give him a certain something something.

the boy wanted a black and tan dog (which is weird considering my folk's dog is a red/brown and all doxies we've owned were red ones) but he's adorable nevertheless.

i tucked the dog in with the boy while he was in bed nearly asleep (i finished him before bedtime but showed him off at my knitting group.  he loved him i can't remember what he named him (he wanted to name him spotty - eh?)

dear bob, these pictures are pathetic.  i'll try to get better ones when i take pictures of the kiddos' FOs.

i started on the kiddos' doxies, and i'm knitting them ML two at a time.  bold one, i am.  :P


  1. Awwh, very cute! I personally am not a fan of safety eyes. I worked with kids in highschool, and they can take safety eyes off just as easily as they can take buttons off! They provide a false sense of security, IMO, and I think if you have any doubts, always embroider! That's my (very adamant) opinion, hehe.

  2. i plan on embroidering the eyes and nose on the kiddos' dogs, spesh since petunia nearly chewed the eye off her lovey a few months ago. rebecca recommends that for little ones. definitely safer.

  3. He looks great! Show and tell you must do - bring him next week! :)
    Take care!


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