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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my favorite movies!


some days, you feel like a movie.  after a crummy day at work, sometimes you need a laugh, or you want an oldie but goodie.  the following are a listing of movies that, whenever they air on tv, i watch them.  enjoy!

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there's no crying in baseball!  league of their own features the girls of summer in this movie about the women baseball players in the 1940s.  gena davis and lori petty rock this movie, as do madonna, rosie o'donnell and tom hanks as their baseball coach.

i visited the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown becos of this movie.  pity the display for the all-american girls professional baseball league is the size of a small closet.

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hubby got me hooked on major league.  we love this movie becos it features the cleveland indians, dennis haysbert (pre "24") and charlie "wild thing" sheen.  the movie is full of cussing, and if you're really lucky, try to find a "sanitized" version of the movie from the 90's or 00's - the voiceovers  over the cursing is hilarious.  winner!

freddie prinze jr. is one hot summer catch.  matthew lillard is a hoot and marc blucas cracks me up as a chubby chaser.

these are them movies to watch when you've had a craptacious day:

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bridesmaids is my new favorite funny movie!  i thought the hangover was hilarious, but this movie totally nails it.  i adore kristin wiig, but melissa mccarthy totally steals the movie.  as soon as it comes out on dvd, i'm owning it!

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i so want to take a bat to a crappy fax machine while "damn it feels good to be a gansta" plays in the background.  and i want a red swingline stapler too.  gotta love office space.

heck yeah!  napoleon dynamite.  and don't forget to vote for pedro!

hello, i recently rewatched crazy people.  i'd only seen it on tv (sanitized of course, hello) but this movie is awesome!  hello how the hell are ya?  hello?

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rock star used to run a lot on HBO years ago.  we ladies get mark wahlberg and timothy oliphant - the guys get jennifer aniston naked in a fishnet dress.

some days you just want some seriousness:

the shawshank redemption.  i watch this every.  single.  time.  it.  is.  on.  tv.  i really should own it.  morgan freeman and tim robbins, my two favorite convicted felons.

unless you can knit without looking or are fluent in german, you have to watch wings of desire.  since my german is really rusty, i have to follow the subtitles.  this movie is sublime.  incidentally, this movie inspired city of angels, another movie i love.

these are my favorite oldies but goodies:

fahrenheit 451 (i also love the book).  one flew over the cuckoo's nest (another great read. and a really young danny devito has a bit part as a patient.)  logan's run (getting a reboot with ryan gosling).

i couldn't teach to save my soul, but i love these movies about teachers:

up the down staircase (the book is incredible) and to sir, with love ( with a very young michael de barres playing a student).

some movies aren't just for kids:

the iron giant is also based on a book.  vin diesel and harry connick jr are in the movie too - win/win for mommies and kiddies both!

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"the person you need is nanny mcphee."  (and mommy needs some colin firth please!)

no movie watching would be complete without these gems from my youth:

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have a john hughes marathon with the breakfast club and jake ryan (sixteen candles), wearing your cobbled pink prom gown (pretty in pink) at the bar (st. elmo's fire).  and ask permission before driving off in your dad's 1961 ferrari gt250 (ferris bueller's day off).

happy viewing!

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