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Saturday, June 11, 2011

petunia's bellflower sweater

petunia's sweater is finished!

bellflower baby hoodie knit with knit picks swish worsted on size 6 and 8 needles.  my rav page has more details.

still under construction, before the hoodie...

i have mixed feelings about this pattern.  it's a bottom up knit, which i didn't mind, but i really didn't like the construction under the arms.  let me explain this better:  the sleeves are knitted first, then you knit the body of the sweater from the bottom up, attach the sleeves and continue to knit/slowly decrease to shape the shoulders and neckline.  when i attached the sleeves, the working yarn "stretched" and caused holes.  i tried really hard to close up the holes when i stitched up the bottom of the sleeve to the body, but (IMHO) i think my stitching was a bit sloppy.  i wasn't the only one who complained about the construction.  i probably should have read the comments before embarking on this project.  oh well.  i do like the finished product. it's cheerful.

i tried to get a good picture of tunie wearing the sweater but she wouldn't stop moving!  she wore it for about 5 minutes before pulling it off.  i think she is accustomed to her back zipped sweater that a button front sweater is alien to her.

another note - it fits her NOW.  and i blocked the dickens out of it (and i wasn't supposed to).  here's hoping she can wear it in the fall - and maybe during a chilly day this summer.

sigh.  i made a sweater - that counts for something, right?

here's the back:

i have no idear why i didn't do close ups of the buttons.  they were plain white buttons that i found in my new button jar.

i will knit a sweater for freddie, but the yarn i want (swish in delft heather) is on back order until mid summer.  

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